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vessel sustainability

Banks and insurance firms face hurdles in tracking fleet sustainability due to sparse emissions data from shipping companies post-financing and the lack of global reporting standards.

ShipReview addresses these challenges by transforming fleet management with comprehensive emissions insights, and facilitating informed decisions for improved environmental performance.

Gain deeper understanding of regulatory needs

Access to data from over 109,000 vessels

Unlock comprehensive views of environmental footprints

Dive into performance and sustainability metrics.


Emissions Data

ShipReview offers access to detailed emissions data, including CO2, NOx, SOx, PM, and other crucial environmental indicators, for a comprehensive fleet of over 109,000 commercial vessels. This vast database enables stakeholders to conduct thorough sustainability and regulatory compliance tracking and analysis.


Emissions Indicators

The platform includes a range of emissions indicators such as CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator), EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index), EEOI (Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator), and EEXI (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index), providing a multifaceted view of a vessel’s environmental footprint.


Decision Making

Our comprehensive emissions data and validated environmental performance scores enable informed decision making. Whether it’s for retrofitting decisions, fleet optimization, or compliance reporting, ShipReview provides the necessary insights to steer towards greener maritime operations.



Beyond providing emissions data, ShipReview offers comprehensive scorecards on the assessment of the environmental, sustainability and reliability performance of more than 130.000 vessels.

Validation by Scope

To ensure the reliability and accuracy of our scores, ShipReview’s environmental analysis is validated by Scope, the European Credit Rating Group. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing trusted and verified environmental performance metrics.

  • „OceanScore’s ETS Manager enables South End Tanker Management to keep their clients and stakeholders up to date in maintaining a clear overview of the emissions generated and EUAs required”
    Bart van Dijk
  • “Norbulk Shipping are delighted to have Oceanscore as our partners to assist our Clients with the challenges and complexities of the EU ETS regulations allowing the process to be managed in an efficient manner.”
    Walter Woodage
    CEO at Norbulk
  • „Harren Group plans to offer it’s shipmanagement customers the OceanScore solution, to manage the complexity of the EU ETS regulation and to avoid unnecessary risks.”
    Nils Aden
    MD Harren Group

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