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Madeira office officially opened

OceanScore’s Madeira office officially opened! Driven by strong demand from shipping customers for our ETS solutions and ever growing data streams towards our ShipReview databases, we have officially opened our office in Funchal, the capital of wonderful Madeira. What are we doing there?

ETS Manager Launch:

OceanScore ETS Manager Launch: What an evening! More than 130 leaders of German shipping joined us in Hamburg’s Hanse Lounge to listen to Clemens Dr. Hillmer, LL.M. (UCT) about latest updates on the legal framework and urgently needed contractual preparations as well as to Mathias Pechmann of RWE Supply & Trading about EUA markets and about actually trading EUAs. We…

OceanScore’s ETS Management solutions launched

August 30 was the big day. More than 130 leading heads of shipping gathered in Hamburg’s Hanse Lounge to celebrate the launch of OceanScore’s ETS Manager and EUA Trader. Solutions that secure full transparency throughout the whole compliance process around Europe’s ETS regime, automated workflows to reduce the burden on already stretched organisations in shipping,…

OceanScore has completed its first funding round

We are super happy to announce that OceanScore has completed its first funding round. We are excited by the outstanding group of strategic and financial investors backing OceanScore with their experience and networks, amongst them MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, Döhle Group, Schoeller Family, theDOCK and TecPier as well as six individuals with deep industry backgrounds.

EU Emissions Trading Scheme (“EU ETS”): Regulatory and contractual perspective

On 18 April 2023, the European Parliament decided that from 2024, the EU ETS would also apply to emissions from shipping. According to the EU regulations, the ‘shipping company’ concerned is responsible for compliance with the EU ETS vis- à-vis the authority. First, emissions from a ship in a calendar year are measured and verified. Then, the shipping company must submit the allowances to the authority in September of the following year. The first time allowances are to be submitted in September 2025 for emissions in the calendar year 2024.


A fee of 150 USD per ton CO2 equivalent emitted from ships discharging international cargo at U.S. ports is suggested to be implemented from January 2024.

Early this month, U.S. lawmakers proposed new legislation, the International Maritime Pollution Accountability Act (IMPA), to be introduced at the same time as the EU carbon price comes into force from January 2024.

OceanScore’s take on the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS): It’s time to prepare – pick your strategy and partners wisely

The European Union (EU) has decided to include shipping into its Emissions Trading System (ETS). To comply with the ETS, shipping companies need to surrender EU carbon allowances (EUAs) for every ton of CO2 emitted from 2024, with 40% of MRV-verified emissions required to be surrendered in 2024, 70% in 2025, and 100% from 2026 onwards. Eventually, the cost of EUAs will be born by the consumers. But it’s a long way until then…