OceanScore provides data-driven tools that track ESG performance as well as solutions to assist shipping in navigating regulatory complexity. We support ship managers, operators and investors, banks and insurances, ports and a wide range of maritime stakeholders.

ETS Manager

Starting January 1, 2024, shipping will be included into Europe’s Emissions Trading System. The cost levied onto the industry will quickly reach €8bn and more. We have built a solution that helps ship managers to comprehensively manage and monitor the complete process from assessing the need for EUAs, to allocating them to charterers or owners, requesting and accounting for them, tracking open positions. High degrees of automation help reduce the administrative burden. We have integrated an advanced EUA trading solution: for you to buy and sell EUAs whenever needed.


EUA Trader

Focussing on operators and owners, we have built a “trade only” solution that provides all the trading benefits of our ETS Manager: easy onboarding, lowest prices, flexible forward dates, ability to buy incremental volumes as needed,…

This flexibility allows the direct allocation of trades to vessels and owners, eliminating the need to conduct inter company trades and avoiding unnecessary price/cost disputes.



Need a comprehensive view of shipping’s sustainability? We cover all 109.000 vessels >500GT, providing best in class data on emissions (CO2, NOx, SOx, PM), emissions related indicators like CII, EEDI, EEOI, EEXI as well as over 50 other indicators of environmental performance, sustainability and safety/reliability. To secure independent verification, our scores are validated by Scope Ratings, Europe’s leading rating agency.

ShipReview serves to track emissions footprints for individual vessels, entire fleets or portfolios for banks and insurances, provides benchmarks, helps assess the sustainability of vessels calling port, identifies vessels that would benefit from retrofits.



Want to check emissions of specific ships in particular areas? Our proprietary data sources and algorithms provide in-depth views for all vessels >500GT globally with unmet accuracy. Area FP (FP for FootPrint) is a data-only solution that integrates with your IT via APIs. And, if needed, we can include additional information about vessels’ environmental performance, sustainability, safety, and reliability.



Aimed at freight forwarders, Cargo FP delivers real-time cargo-specific emissions for cargo transported on any vessel >500GT globally. It is based on the same technology and approach as Area FP, calculating results for specific (not generic) vessels and real voyages (not standard distance tables), including an AI-based assessment of total cargo on board of a vessel. Results are delivered via an API and can be integrated into any in-house solution. Cargo FP is fully automated and provides best in class quality emissions data for sea-passages.


more to come

more to come..



OceanScore supports maritime’s transition to net-zero. We do so by providing transparency on maritime emissions – and solutions to simplify compliance with regulatory complexity .

Our platform and related tools track emissions of the entire worldfleet – creating visibility for individual vessels, entire fleets, ports, trades … Our partners use our data to benchmark their operations, assess the emission footprint of cargos, of entire vessels in their portfolio or of a port area, develop and track effects of their sustainability strategies.

Our solutions help OceanScore’s shipping partners to navigate the complexity of regulatory compliance – like the ETS regime coming into force in 2024. We simplify and automate the required process, assure transparency and control for the managers involved and offer the best suited trading solution for EUAs currently available for shipping.

Shipping is the most sustainable mode of transport. Cooperation will be key to successfully decarbonizing maritime transport even further. This collaboration requires solid data and trust – that’s why we have made our scores fully transparent, down to the last detail.


Our team combines decades of industry experience with advanced data science and deep engineering know how. We are collecting vast amounts of data, blending it with direct inputs from content partners to fuel a unique set of algorithms and data science based approaches that allow us to provide a granular and precise picture of different emissions for the worldfleet – more than 100.000 vessels. Any vessel, any region, port or anchorage, any period of time.

OceanScore doesn’t stop there. We support our customers with information on sustainability (adherence to UNDP’s sustainable development goals), reliability (tracking all kinds of vessel related deficiency and reliability indicators) and further, much more granular environmental scores.

We collaborate with Scope – Europe’s leading rating agency – to secure state of the art, verified analytics and full independence.

OceanScore was founded in 2020. We have come a long way since then – with much more to come. We continue to expand our scores and built the analytics behind them – together with you and our industry experts.

OceanScore NEWS


We are growing quickly. And this is just the beginning. Having just completed our seed financing with reputable partners like Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) we are ready to roll even further and faster.

Together, we are embarking on an amazing journey: expanding our product offering, deepening our data science competencies and driving customer success by building a leading crew in the maritime sustainability space. And this crew needs you.

We work out of our two hubs in the great cities of Funchal on Madeira / Portugal and Hamburg / Germany. Why not use this opportunity for a few weeks here or there? We believe it’s not about sitting around in a particular office. It’s about getting great things done. So we are flexible on where and when we work.

We are a startup, so expect startup culture, combined with decades of experience key crew members hold. Make the best of it: Move fast, have impact and work with the best.
It’s going to be intense. So enjoy extra days off.

And at the heart of all of this: You contribute to shipping’s transition towards net-zero. What more could you ask for?

Interested? Check the roles we die to fill. And just send an eMail to: future@oceanscore.com.
Let your future start today.

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    Our commitment to supporting shipping’s transition towards increasing sustainability is shared by many. But some stand out. We are humbled by our partners who invest in OceanScore to help us build better solutions, acquire more data and assemble an industry leading team.