• You will support setting up and improving our presence in social media and online channels. In order to do so, you will work with our management to identify suitable content for marketing purposes, build interesting “stories” from this content and bring them online. Working with a PR agency, you will develop this content further to provide them with input for their work as well.
  • You will plan and initiate activities to increase our reach and number of followers on social media, develop SEO concepts for our homepage (just launched).
  • You will help to build and secure a consistent brand presence across all our activities, based on our brand and CI (again, both were just recently launched).
  • In addition, you will work with our management to provide marketing support as needed to further our presence in markets around the world. This will include analytical work like competition screening, clustering of customers, …
  • Probably most important: You bring new perspectives to the team. We are eager to learn from you, too and cannot wait to put your ideas into action.

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