Customer Service / Funchal / Madeira

You will ensure that our customers successfully set up and operate the solutions OceanScore provides. Working at the junction of shipping and data, you will answer customer questions, conduct training and onboarding sessions, and monitor our tools’ usage to provide targeted technical feedback to our customers.


Senior Data Scientist / Funchal / Madeira

You will be central in enhancing our dataquality and algorithms, applying machine learning to new questions in the field of maritime sustainability, work on generating new insights and building new products from the huge datapools we have access to. You will be part of expanding our Madeira based team of highly motivated and skilled data scientists as well as work with our software developers based in Poland and central units in Hamburg.


senior data scientist

Account Manager Supply Chain / Hamburg / Germany

You will be central in developing our customer base. From identifying potential targets to establishing contact, building relationships and finally winning them for OceanScore’s solutions. But it doesn’t stop there: Your role includes making our customers successfully use our solutions.


account manager freight forwarding

Working Student Information Systems / Hamburg / Germany

As a summer intern, you will play a critical role in further professionalizing our IT setup. We have developed significant data ingestion and analytics capabilities, a state-of-the-art backend as well as our frontend “Ship Review”. Now we need to take the next step and you will help drive it: Define, document and set-up an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that protects our data and those of our customers. This will include the specifications of such a management system as well as technical and organizational measures to secure that we monitor our respective operations and keep the system up to date as we progress.


Working Student Marketing / Hamburg / Germany

You will support setting up and improving our presence in social media and online channels. In order to do so, you will work with our management to identify suitable content for marketing purposes, build interesting “stories” from this content and bring them online. Working with a PR agency, you will develop this content further to provide them with input for their work as well.