Who we are

OceanScore helps drive maritime’s transition to net-zero. We do so by providing transparency on maritime emissions.

Our platform tracks emissions of the entire worldfleet – creating visibility for individual vessels, entire fleets, ports, trades … Our partners use our data to benchmark their operations, assess the emission footprint of cargos, of entire vessels in their portfolio or of a port area, track effects of their sustainability strategies.

We know that shipping is the most sustainable mode of transport. Cooperation will be key to successfully decarbonizing maritime transport even further. Our data provides the foundation for this cooperation. It allows bank, P&I clubs, ports, cargo owners, shipping companies to chart their joint paths ahead based on one set of data. Transparency is the basis of trust needed for this cooperation. So we have made our scores fully transparent, down to the last detail.


How we do it

Our team combines decades of industry experience with advanced data science and deep engineering know how. We are collecting all data available from public and private sources in addition to direct inputs from our customers to fuel a unique set of algorithms and data science based approaches that allow as to provide a granular as well as precise picture of emissions for the worldfleet of more than 100.000 vessels. Any vessel, any region, port or anchorage, any period of time. And we look beyond CO2, cover SOx, NOx, PM and others as well.

OceanScore doesn’t stop there. Using a similar methodology as for emissions, we support our customers with information on sustainability (adherence to UNDP’s sustainable development goals), reliability (tracking all kinds of vessel related deficiency and reliability indicators) and further, much more granular environmental scores.

Ocean Score was founded in 2020. We have come a long way since then – with much more to come. We continue to expand our scores and built the analytics behind them – together with you and our industry experts.


What we do for you

There is no “one size fits all” in shipping. And certainly not in the requirements of the different contributors to its decarbonization. Based on the feedback of current customers stemming from a broad range of segments, we have honed our solutions to your specific needs. Missing something? Let’s discuss, what else we can do for you.


OceanScore supports your sustainability strategy development with data on vessels’ emissions in port, maneuvering and even during journeys to and from your port – taking a more comprehensive view that reaches beyond the traditional limitation on port operations. We provide benchmarks for key data vs. European port averages as well es vessel type and individual vessel specifc views. We map emission probagation areas around port. Our data helps your discussions of port fee adjustments as well as lays the foundation for shore power investment decisions through core emissions and energy requirement analytics.

Banks and insurances

OceanScore helps you track the CO2 (and other emissions) footprints of your portfolio including a root cause analysis for changes of this footprint. Portfolio decisions and discussions with individual owners benefit from views on individual vessels including assessments of their broader environmental, sustainability and reliability performances – with unmatched detail and distilled into distinct scores. OceanScore provides unbiased perspectives, independent of individual owners reports and augments these with unique benchmarks, that allow you to compare to your peers and the broader market. And we cooperate with your vessel owner to enhance your emissions data even further.

Mobile apps

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Join the OceanScore crew!

We are growing quickly. And this is just the beginning. Having just completed our seed financing with reputable partners like Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), … we are ready to roll even further and faster.

Together, we are embarking on an amazing journey: expanding our product offering, deepening our data science competencies and driving customer success by building a leading crew in the maritime sustainability space. And this crew needs you.

We work out of our two hubs in the great cities of Funchal on Madeira / Portugal and Hamburg / Germany.

We are a startup, so expect startup culture, combined with decades of experience in our key crew members

We believe that it’s not about sitting around in an office. It’s about getting great things done. So we are flexible on where and when you work. And Iit’s going to be intense. So enjoy 35 days off per year.

An attractive stock options program is available to some of our senior roles.

Interested? Check the roles we die to fill. And then just send us an eMail to: future@oceanscore.com. Let your future start today.

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121 Rock Sreet, 21 Avenue,
New York, NY 92103-9000


+001 234 567 890
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